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By Todd Perry  |  November 8, 2019  |  Midtown, Manhattan

For reasons that aren't clear, the leaders of Facebook (FB) have been waging an information war against all human beings (including themselves) since 2014, and I don't have the resources to help people who still don't get the joke to understand how and why they became so ignorant.

There will be plenty of time after the dust has settled to go back and explain what happened to fake news fans like the publisher of The (this) New York Times and the editor of The (that) New Yorker, but, for people who care about ending up on the right side of history, I suggest thinking of this report as a (the) new type of financial security or bank note: footnotes to open source information and data sets, in the spirit of SI.

Within that context, on May 9, 2019, SG, a highly accomplished former software engineer at FB, posted a question about engineering recruiting strategy that was visible to his friends of friends on FB, and I made a comment on his post that ended with the following paragraph:

"Lastly, keep in mind that if even one Big Tech firm breaks rank and initiates conversation with me about the effect of my facial injury, it's going to be game on...because the effect is real, and NOT systematically denying scientific reality, generally, over time, tends to become a competitive advantage within engineering teams..."

Later that day, PJ, who, according to his FB profile, was Head of Platform Developer Operations & Support at FB from October 2007 to June 2009, appeared to make a comment on my comment that included the following two excerpts:

"...REDACTED schizophrenia: REDACTED"

If confirmed on the record, PJ's apparent comment will become historically significant because it appeared to be the first time that someone who had worked with me at FB admitted to believing that it might be in my interest to identify as a person who has been diagnosed with a debilitating mental health condition such as schizophrenia, even though I have not.

One problem with PJ’s apparent comment was that it appeared to casually misrepresent the extent to which I’ve already spent hundreds if not thousands of hours doing the kind of thing that he appeared to be talking about, although it's true that I haven't tried medication for schizophrenia, because, in addition to the fact that I would most likely succeed at thoroughly discrediting any doctor who goes down the path of believing that I have any condition that is anything like schizophrenia, I also believe that consenting to medical treatment when there is no scientific basis for doing so is similar to signing a false confession, and if it's not illegal under US law to do that, maybe it should be?

For now, no doctor has ever said, hinted, or implied to me that I might have schizophrenia, but I would agree that lots of people at Big Tech firms such as Google and FB seem to believe that I have a history of mental illness, and there will be consequences for these people in proportion to how much they, as a group, act on bad assumptions like that.

People like PJ, who apparently still know something concrete about my past, might also believe that I'm an extremely self-injurious fabulist, but, in balance, this report (and the supporting documentation that's included at the end) will hopefully serve as a reminder that my conduct has never been substantially dishonest or hyperbolic, and that's why people who have a clue are either driving themselves mad with rumors and innuendo about how I might have a history of mental illness, or they're becoming well-informed but morally repugnant aggressors who are doing what military organizations do to subdue their enemies in war.

Indeed, the journalistic frame of this report is information war between the leaders of FB and their political opposition, but if I approach doctors empty handed and calmly explain that I'm waging information war against a bunch of tech billionaires, that puts everyone in a no-win position.

That's why I'm leading with AI research, and whatnot, instead.

For reference, I worked at FB from March 2007 to November 2009.

I also graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. in Computer Science (CS) in 2001, and then I worked as a Teaching Fellow in CS at Phillips Exeter Academy (PEA) during the 2001/2002 school year.

SOURCE: The 2001/2002 PEA Photo Address Book (aka. "The Facebook" from Mark "Zuck" Zuckerberg's senior year in high school)

If my memory serves me, I advised the senior project that Mark Zuckerberg did at PEA during spring 2002 with Adam D'Angelo, another student who went on to become the CTO of FB for more than a year, prior to leaving in 2008 and co-founding a tech company of his own called Quora, and, in 2012, FastCompany ran an article that allegedly refers to me in the following passage:

"'Oh, that guy?' Zuckerberg said as they ran through the list of names. 'He taught me and D’Angelo at Exeter!'"

SOURCE: https://www.fastcompany.com/1822794/boy-ceo-mark-zuckerbergs-two-smartest-projects-were-growing-facebook-and-growing

Moreover, in the summer of 2014, PEA staged a private event at the Facebook offices in Menlo Park, during which both Zuck and his communications chief Elliot Schrage appeared on stage, whilst I sat in the center of the back row, and Zuck made a circumspect statement to the audience in which he mentioned Adam D'Angelo by name and then concluded that segment of his remarks by saying something like, "I hired my computer science teacher."

Later on that evening, more than one representative of the development office at PEA told me that they believed Zuck was referring to me when he said the bit about hiring his CS teacher, even though he didn't say my name or point to me in the crowd or anything like that.

In retrospect, one of the many multiple meanings that Zuck might have had in mind when he neglected to acknowledge my existence was the idea that PEA as a whole was his CS teacher, and thus, Zuck was sarcastically implying that the event in question was a deeply vapid celebration of the underlying reality that, by helping them out with fundraising, he had finally consented to "hire" PEA...

Anyway, I doubt that Zuck, Elliot Schrage, or anyone else who has worked with either PEA or FB will ever say anything about me on the record, but if anyone would like ask follow up questions, I'd be happy to quietly share the names of several people who I'm 100% sure I talked to that evening.

Notwithstanding, as of November 2, 2019, SG's post about eng recruiting, my response to SG, and PJ's apparent response to my response still appeared to be visible to SG's friends of friends on FB, although it also appeared that my comment had been, "hidden," according to the FB user interface.

Because SG's post was only shared with his friends of friends on FB, PJ's apparent comment was not equivalent to making a statement on the record via a press release, but on September 30, 2019, wired.com ran an article about a separate and unrelated semi-private conversation thread on FB, by noted tech-journalist Steven Levy, that included the sentence, "Another participant REDACTED P REDACTED C. J REDACTED, Facebook’s former head of legal operations."

SOURCE: https://www.wired.com/story/facebook-content-standards-politicians-exemption-dave-willner/

Furthermore, I did an interview on the record with Steven Levy at 1pm on Tuesday, January 8th, 2019 at the Wired offices at 1 World Trade Center in New York, and during that interview he indicated that he had read the 20-page, chronologically organized collection of alleged facts that pertain to the study of the early history of Facebook that I've been distributing at sharkinjury.com since April 2017.

Steven not only indicated that he had read SharkInjury (aka. the ball, the payload, the required reading, SI, etc.) but that he had found it, "helpful," and he said this after I had already handed him a packet of original documents that featured evidence of a 1500 word AIM chat that occurred between myself and Zuckerberg during 2003.

With that in mind, FB's former Head of Legal Operations might have always believed that I'm an outstandingly sane, rational, and contrite person, and PJ's apparent comment on May 9, 2019 might have been tantamount to lying on the record in order to somehow protect himself from the wrath of Zuck, but he appeared to tell a good lie that helped protect me too.

Therefore, if Z and a number of his co-conspirators at FB eventually get charged with treason or crimes against humanity in relation to their involvement with FB, I would, tentatively speaking, be happy to advocate for PJ to receive immunity from such prosecution.

In other words, PJ appeared to do the right thing here. Zuck and his followers have obviously participated for many years in an unauthorized, self-reinforcing information operation that has had something to do with aggressively framing more and more people like me as mentally ill, but until PJ appeared to step up, nobody had a clean move.

SOURCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information_Operations_(United_States)

This is not a game, however. The authoritative definition of criminal involvement with FB might eventually incorporate the concept of participating in the secretive but seriously problematic project of framing me as mentally ill.

I could also be wrong about PJ, because we allegedly worked together at FB, and I have never NOT thought of him as a smart guy, but, as with every other statement that I've made in this report, I'm not necessarily willing or able to supply corroborating evidence.

For example, if I say, "PJ has degrees from Cornell and Princeton," it's implied that my recollection could be imperfect.

I'm merely alleging that he went to those schools, and so, if anyone wishes to make such statements about PJ on the record, they will need to do the fact checking themselves.

In fact, one or more smart, well-educated people who I worked with at FB might believe that I have a history of mental illness, and so my recollections are at least as questionable as any other American citizen who, like me, claims to have nothing to hide from the law.

That said, if people like Zuck can't comprehend that my story is totally different from the stories of people who have histories of mental health issues, I would guess that they became addicted to the feeling of assuming that I'm mentally ill and then ignoring all evidence to the contrary.

Technically speaking, within the at-risk population of people who have a history of acting on the assumption that I have a history of mental illness, there's probably a spectrum in play here, with, on the one end:

[addiction to a particular feeling...(and other the other end)...increasingly militaristic intent to deceive their adversaries in war]

And, each one of the troubled, at-risk individuals in question occupies a unique point along that spectrum.

Whatever the case, I will continue sharing true, authentic statements about my lived experience that might help health professionals, communications experts, my friends in real life, and families from every corner of the world to answer frequently asked questions about me and to reach their own conclusions in the context of, "really understanding my history."

For more information, please read the BREAKDOWN.

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