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Conversations About the Culture of Tech
Version 3, Scheduled for spring 2025

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__Table of Contents__

I. Scripts

Book7: Outline
Book6: Univers Show
Book5: Virtual Univers Show
Book4: Reality Virtual Univers Show
Book3: Reality Virtual Show
Book2: Reality Show
Book1: Preface

II. ArtBook8

A. HackReport
B. Breakdown
C. VeganPref
E. Shajury
F. SuzySun
G. SharkInj
H. HathWorld
I. WhoIsBuck
J. LeftSmile
K. WhoIsAuth
L. AuthMemoir
M. FashionText
N. DataTextViz

III. Episodes

EP0: Creations
EP1: Extremeses
EP2: Almost Real
EP3: Intellectual
EP4: Americans All
EP5: Poster Persons
EP6: Super Corporate
EP7: The Ironic Being

IV. Credits

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